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Each intuitive session is unique. Whether the clarity you seek is in relationships, health, finances, career or business, Deb will pinpoint exactly what has kept you from experiencing your best and highest energy, and then help you to easily and gently release it, for good!

Whether you prefer private or group settings there is a session that fits your needs. Group classes take place at Deb's Healing Studio (space is limited.) Private classes take place in Deb's Healing studio located in Downtown Newburyport. 


Intuitive Cleaning Sessions - revitalizes andenergizes you by getting rid of the old and freeing up wonderful space for the new!  

  • Alchemy Singing Bowls - We begin with an intuitive view of your current energy then you move to a comfortable massage table to experience the ethereal chimes and sweet singing sounds of Alchemy quartz crystal singing bowls that help restore your inner energy.  
  • Gong Immersion - Experience the relaxing sound vibrations of up to six gongs as the ancient vibrations move through you releasing tensions and stress.  
  • Laydown with Sound! - Private group Lay Down sessions for families, friends, coworkers and couples. Come together with specific intentions for blessings, hearings or simply to experience a wonderful, deep relaxation as you are bathed in beautiful sounds.


Look forward to hearing from you.

Deb Silke - Intuitive Solutions for Businesses

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